n.1 - Starting to blog

date: 2021-11-14

I’ve been thinking about trying blogging for some time now. Every now and then I learn something neat and think that it would be nice to share it. My plan is to use this blog as a kind of public tech journal to write at leisure.

The site styling for now is minimalistic. I don’t think there’s much point in worrying too much about that when I don’t even have much content. Simple is good.

I’ll be writing these blog posts in org-mode, converting to markdown, then to HTML. You can access the .org and .md files by using those extensions on blogpost URLs. I.e.



I think doing things this way will make writing more comfortable for me. Also, if there happens to be readers that are also org-mode users, then there’s also the benefit of being able to open a post from emacs and play with code-blocks from org-mode.

I don’t know how often I’ll be posting here. My desire is try this as a leisure activity, so deciding on a schedule seems counterproductive. Maybe I’ll look into adding RSS support at some point, or do some other kind of notification.

If anyone’s reading, welcome!